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Suggest a NeilsNotes!

You write a NeilsNotes (yes... YOU!)!

If the fine product line of Adult Greeting Cards has your gears turning and you have a: joke, an experience, saying, catch-phrase, idea, etc., that you think would make a great card… then we would love to hear it. Maybe there is an obvious card or category we've overlooked even though we're producing new cards (and soon, maybe other products) all the time.

Should your idea become a card we would like to do this for you…

Now we can’t offer a cash payment (there is a good reason… and here it is) as we can’t authenticate in any way that you’re the true originator of the: joke, experience, saying, catch-phrase or idea, what we can offer you in fair trade to any one whose idea we do use is a 20-pack of Cards (current value: 20+ gut-splitting laughs!!!). This can be a mixed-match of any you like, or all the same (I don’t give a rat’s a$$!).

Condition of this Offer: should we receive the same joke, experience, saying, catch-phrase or idea from more than one person (maybe you told one of your friends that you were going to submit an idea to us and that joke-stealing, back-stabbing son-of-a-bit*h is trying to hamstring you (at which time you really should consider kicking the sh*t out of them. Note: the previous statement does not indicate we condone violence. The earliest date and time (time stamp) the idea was received will take this coveted prize!

The only rule here at for writing cards is: THERE ARE NO RULES!!!
So, get on it my friends!

Good luck, and may great (and relatively disease-free) sex be yours!

Send your idea(s) to us via the ‘Contact Us!’ tab on the website.


The Neil


‘These are absolutely the WORST cards in the BEST way. Our Customers love them!’

           Kristen –  ON.


‘A Customer came in one day and bought 11 NeilsNotes at once!’

            Corey - SK.


‘Neil: these are freakin' hilarious! My fave is the Pap Smear card - still laughing! Great addition to the store! Thanks for finding us!’

            Joan - BC.


‘I must tell you what an amazing reaction that I get from them by the laughter that comes from your racks!

Your cards bring a type of relief to people’s days. As long as I have a store, and your great cards are available, they will have a spot to shine… THANK YOU!'

            Bill - MI.


‘Love the Cards Love The Reactions to Them…Love Working with Neil. All around a Great Thing! Thx. Neil'!

            Corinne - BC.


‘(I’ve just received and…) I’m opening the cards now… they are HILARIOUS! Thanks!’

            Linda - BC.

‘The funniest I have ever seen, absolutely brilliant! The cards are as twisted as I had hoped. We will be

re-ordering. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you, also excellent friendly follow-up service on top of a great

product! Thank you very much!’

            Simon – AU.

Hi Neil! We just received the shipment and I’m reading a few of your cards… they're hilarious! We’ll sell tons of them!
            Caitlin – ON.

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