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Front: '15 Reasons to date a Dancer:'

'1.They're perfectionists. They'll keep going 'till they
hit it.
2.They don't mind getting hot and sweaty.
3.Being close to naked is normal for them.
4.It only takes them a second to get into a good rhythm.
5.They can bend in ways you can't even imagine.
6.They have the stamina to work it for hours and never get tired.
7.They'll keep going no matter how much it hurts.
8.They get lots of practice so they can go all night.
9.They like everything to be like their pointy shoes...HARD.
10.You'll never have to get jealous. All the guys they dance with are gay.
11.They're used to having bruises on their knees.
12.They can do it in many positions.
13.They have perfect technique and great hip rotation.
14.Underwear doesn't get in the way because, well...they just don't wear any.
15.Straddling is their natural position.

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#363 - 15 Reasons to Date a Dancer

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  • NeilsNotes measure a HUGE (as opposed to small) 5.5” x 8.5”. Our competitor’s cards suck, they’re lame, they’re NOT funny and are so small you couldn’t wipe a chipmunk’s a** with them (with a NeilsNotes you COULD!). NeilsNotes are printed on heavy gloss stock and contain REAL ‘Adult Content’, and comes with our own product-branded envelope (in fluorescent yellow… ZAZZY!!!). So know that when you’re buying a NeilsNotes for someone you love (could get you laid) or hate (could get you hurt!), that YOU are buying The #1 Adult Greeting Card(s)… IN THE WORLD!