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We ALL know the plight of greeting cards from the ‘other guys’...

Remember receiving one of those cards from somebody, and they’re standing right next to you and you try and screw on some miserly-failed attempt of a smile of gratitude?!’

For years now I have been sending and receiving cards to my friends and loved ones (sometimes they’re one and the same person). Some have been ‘cute,’ borderline ‘amusing’ that (I suspect) were written and designed with the intent to be funny or touching (some even had bunnies on them). Regardless of their text or design or the occasion they were produced for, they certainly all had one thing in common. They were all a politically correct, pastel-based, lame pile of sh*t!

So one day in addition to my experiences in life I’m down in the rabbit hole (which in this instance wasn’t only my home but the thing my cottony fresh balls were bouncing off of) a thought entered my head (no…not that head), and it hit me like a bolt of lightning. ‘How am I going to dump this rabbit after I’m done skewering her?!’ Then it hit me…I’ll send her a card! So I roll over her to get out of bed to go card shopping, and what do you think I found?! Exactly… the same puppy dog, icing on the cake, balloon covered bullsh*t crap that we’ve all been stuck with buying from these high mark-up, retailed store, tree killing conglomerates…fu*k them! Were they printed on any lighter card stock, I’d wipe my hairy (yet soft) bunny a** with them!

So, I find myself hopping back to the rabbit hole (in this instance I AM referring to my residence) thinking to myself…sh*t. I may have to dump this one ‘face-to-face’! Then as Mother Nature b*tch luck would have it… ZAAPPPPPPPPPPP!!! as seen here:
I’m hit by a REAL lightning bolt (this time) and it hurt like a Mother-Fu*ker, let me tell you! So as I’m laying there…seeing dead relatives starting to welcome me with open arms (baiting me with carrots (bast*rds!))… I flip them the bird and think… there must be other bunnies in my predicament (without the lightning bolt strike I hope). So I shrug off death (because Neil the bunny has the strength of well… 20 bunnies), and decide…I’m gonna put cards out there to actually help people, entertain people, shock people (let’s not revisit the lightning story)…and hell, maybe even make a few people cry (because seeing others cry is a lot more fun than crying yourself…agreed?). And thus,  was born just moments after nature’s ill-fated attempt at toasting me.

I have written and designed these cards because I think they’re funny (I hope you do too!), or kind or resonate with you. If you’re think they’re different enough, funny enough, original enough… then please support this honest venture the best way you see fit. Either purchase some for several occasions that life will invariable throw your way, and see they’re as great in design and quality, as they are original. Also, please pass around the link to this site to your friends (hell… I don’t care who you forward the link to this site to… JUST DO IT!!!), and I’ll keep coming up with ideas and I hope some ideas will come from you (see the ‘YOU write a NeilsNotes offer elsewhere on this site).

And that’s my story. Bunny Bless – The Neil. XO!

'About Us!' (what 'us'... it's just ME!)
The HIStory of NeilsNotes!


‘These are absolutely the WORST cards in the BEST way. Our Customers love them!’

           Kristen –  ON.


‘A Customer came in one day and bought 11 NeilsNotes at once!’

            Corey - SK.


‘Neil: these are freakin' hilarious! My fave is the Pap Smear card - still laughing! Great addition to the store! Thanks for finding us!’

            Joan - BC.


‘I must tell you what an amazing reaction that I get from them by the laughter that comes from your racks!

Your cards bring a type of relief to people’s days. As long as I have a store, and your great cards are available, they will have a spot to shine… THANK YOU!'

            Bill - MI.


‘Love the Cards Love The Reactions to Them…Love Working with Neil. All around a Great Thing! Thx. Neil'!

            Corinne - BC.


‘(I’ve just received and…) I’m opening the cards now… they are HILARIOUS! Thanks!’

            Linda - BC.

‘The funniest I have ever seen, absolutely brilliant! The cards are as twisted as I had hoped. We will be

re-ordering. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you, also excellent friendly follow-up service on top of a great

product! Thank you very much!’

            Simon – AU.

Hi Neil! We just received the shipment and I’m reading a few of your cards… they're hilarious! We’ll sell tons of them!
            Caitlin – ON.

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