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Please allow 2 (TWO) weeks for your order to arrive BEFORE writing to bi*ch about where your order is. It's c*mming (shipping from Western Canada)! Thank you!

Write if you'd like to:

1. Submit: a testimonial or suggest a NeilsNotes (and PLEASE...
keep it dirty!).

2. Send fan/hate mail (NOTE: while negative emails may appear on my website, I'll more likely print it out and wipe my a** with it). Be 'creative'... be 'daring' (like your sister on prom night!)
3. Request that I Neil your woman while you watch.


‘These are absolutely the WORST cards in the BEST way. Our Customers love them!’

           Kristen –  ON.


‘A Customer came in one day and bought 11 NeilsNotes at once!’

            Corey - SK.


‘Neil: these are freakin' hilarious! My fave is the Pap Smear card - still laughing! Great addition to the store! Thanks for finding us!’

            Joan - BC.


‘I must tell you what an amazing reaction that I get from them by the laughter that comes from your racks!

Your cards bring a type of relief to people’s days. As long as I have a store, and your great cards are available, they will have a spot to shine… THANK YOU!'

            Bill - MI.


‘Love the Cards Love The Reactions to Them…Love Working with Neil. All around a Great Thing! Thx. Neil'!

            Corinne - BC.


‘(I’ve just received and…) I’m opening the cards now… they are HILARIOUS! Thanks!’

            Linda - BC.

‘The funniest I have ever seen, absolutely brilliant! The cards are as twisted as I had hoped. We will be

re-ordering. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you, also excellent friendly follow-up service on top of a great

product! Thank you very much!’

            Simon – AU.

Hi Neil! We just received the shipment and I’m reading a few of your cards… they're hilarious! We’ll sell tons of them!
            Caitlin – ON.

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